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A diary of a lazy felicia domestica
... just a daily things...
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21st-Nov-2012 08:04 am - Gym bun... Gym Cat

I know I'm a superficial person, so I guess to be fair I'm hittin' the gym again yesterday. Holy sweet mother of fuck, as expected, my body got so sore and today I'm stiff. This is what you got when you abandoned your old gym routine for a couple of years!

AOW! AOW! AOW!!! (>A<)

12th-Nov-2012 07:38 am - Going back to LJ?

After a long while, I guess I decided to use LJ again.

This has been 24 hours since I deactivated my FB account. I realized when I have something to say, I would have instantly say something in Facebook immediately. May be it's kinda "withdrawal shake", but since my best friend decided I'm no more a best friend aside of acquaintance, I feel no use to share the nice things there anymore. If my best friend doesn't care, I guess there's no reason I should stick on FB any longer, no matter the number of my "friends" there. I also don't have anything to promo around, so I guess it'll be basically useless. Sure, it cuts a lot to a lot of friends or opportunities.

But honestly, who cares? You can have a lot of "friends" there, but sometimes you don't know what to expect from them. Your "so-called-friends", save some inner circles of mine, didn't show up or know what you've been doing in the events. Whatever we've done, it's like swept by a wind. Besides, lately I couldn't share my inner thought about things anymore in FB. My community got crumbled by bigots just because they can use a "mass report". A lot of masquarade of mine about how cute some cat videos just don't cut it.

For the newest update from me:

1) I guess I lost my best friend. He's been distancing from me, saying he doesn't know me anymore and from now on he might not want to know me aside of "acquaintance". What's worse, it's not "virtual" best friend, it's "flesh". So I got back to square zero and basically by myself.

2) I broke up. I did something bad to him and he doesn't want to be my partner anymore. The twist is... I tried to be his BF out of pity, so I guess I learn it's quite a bad idea to BF someone just because you pity them. Especially when you somehow still feel the scar of your first love that he himself doesn't want to be with you in the first place. I dunno what'll happen to my current ex-BF, but this way, I have made another cycle of broken-hearted story.

3) Aside that I can't have anymore cats to pet, I guess I don't have much emotional outlet. And since my best friend shrugged me off, I started to feel emotionally numb. When I broke up, honestly, I didn't feel a thing, as if, "What happens, happens". No crying, no angst, nothing. Sure somehow it feels something heavy inside, but in otherside, something is lift but still I can't feel any emotion to smile to greet this cloudy day (have I mentioned I love cloudy day?).

So that sums it up.

3rd-Aug-2011 11:28 pm - My comic is officially published

Our comic, my project with a huge help from Maxima, now is officially published in Indonesian in different title. As Editor asked to change the title, so I came up with a kind of cheesy as it sounds, "Rainbow Under the Sun".

Also, with commission help from powree , we got helluva positive feedback from the readers who's interested with her coloring. Man, editor does love her and says it fits the theme and illustration more. As this is a work between Maxima and I, we decide to put "Team IRREGULARS" as the author's name.

Indonesian Version of Meaningful Memento

"Guntur isn't from a sufficient family. To pay his school fee, he must have a part-time job, helping his Dad as a Construction Worker. That way, Guntur is held back for few times. Nevertheless, the wage he still could save the wage for Nisa, Guntur's Sister who's smarter than him, in case she wants to go to the college. But... is it fair for Guntur to sacrifice his future for his Sister?

Rainbow Under the Sun is a collection of short stories about love, friendship, and humanity that will touch your deepest heart,"

As I see it, the effort to tone it in A4, 600 dpi is really worth it. Even the first one I worked in 300 dpi still looks good. I guess I'm pretty much satisfied about the results.

In other news, in the same time, my gag comic "Bitter Coffee" also got into 4th edition of  "Koloni Jagoan" (Indonesia Local Comic Super Heroes).

You can't find it? Flip the Cover, then.

Yep, my comic is there for a small 10 pages bumper. But with "RUtS" I won't mind much. Besides, having a place with the stories I consider cool and great is more than enough. This edition of "Koloni Jagoan" is actually better than the 3rd, and so far I found the 2nd edition is par with this from the compiled stories. Being a bumper with these guys is COOL! I really respect these guys!

Okay,  so basically why I ask your attention for this, because this is the deal: Furry is here and I'm trying to make its way to mainstream. I don't need to tell about BItter Coffee, because it's shown itself. But why with RUtS?

Because there's a bonus chapter inside about this:

Yes, he is there

Need I say more? I know it's just a one small chapter, but we're trying to go there.

And as I talked with Editor about the opportunity to sell it overseas, he actually said hey could do something about it. He said they might try selling it in print or Itunes, whichever  may work as long as I have the English scripts. Heck YEAH I have prepared it before, so I guess I will ask for your support about this from now on, if you don't mind.

This is it for now. I'll update more as soon I get news about it. Thanks for being there for us, guys.

17th-Feb-2011 11:15 am - Sweet, sweet revenge
SOME FELLA IN FB: "Dude, is there any good game for PS3?"

Me: "Dude, try Marvel vs Capcom 3. It's been released by now."

SOME FELLA IN FB: "Huh? Really? I dunno, i guess people my ages don't play such game anymore,"

Me: *twitches* "Oh, How old do you think Marvel's fans are?"

SOME FELLA IN FB: "I dunno, teens?"

Me: *TWITCHES* *HOLDS ANGER* ... *sighes* "Lurk moar!"

SOME FELLA IN FB: "? sure..."


a day after that

(and keeps making status about how awesome Marvel vs Capcom 3 is)

Me: "........................................"

Heh heh heh, the power of Capcom Conversion, you must have underestimated them a bit too much.
Recently, the local publisher in my country made an announcement what would make their comics passable, but with UNDERSCORE and BOLD, so you know, implicitly, they want it done.


...and then things got worse...Collapse )

Luckily, this time I'm NOT ALONE! Lots of usually positive replies becomes tsunami of raeg backdraft that the publisher decided to abort that note and deleted it as if it never happens. Shortly, SCREW this "FANBASE RULE", I hope the Editor learns the lesson from this mistake!
28th-Dec-2010 04:51 am - Update of a break
Do NOT Give UP!
This song describes my sitch the best

It was a good relationship. I'm glad we discussed this, face-to-face, with cool heads like adults do. No trauma, no heart-wrenching and no drama. Thanks a lot.
25th-Oct-2010 06:33 pm - I have pussy on my crotch
Stop acting cute.


DON't YOu GET IT!? DON't YOU DARE F*CKIN' PURR ON MY LAP!! That's NOT CUTE!! I'll... I'll... I'LL.........

"No questions asked! Capische? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...,"

*sigh* Dammit... {=<
19th-Oct-2010 09:58 am - Cutesy or maturity?
A single stroke of drawing lips could give a very different perspective which makes a character looks more mature. However, without it, you'll see they still have cuteness within.
Which one would you choose?

9th-Oct-2010 08:26 am - Mwoah, at LAST!


Yeah I know there's still the 3rd, but GIMME A BREAK! It's so tiring to hunt all the damn cards, Waving In and Out back and forth here and there. And not to mention Ookamiden has been released! And I still have work on the comic, GAWD! (;>A<;) 
6th-Oct-2010 08:16 pm - Stress and frustrated

English version has cheeseburger

it's more depressing than the picture...Collapse )
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